How to Apologize for Saying the Wrong Thing to Your Spouse

Speaking the truth in love is easier said than done. Here is what to do when you mess up.

On the Reconciling Marriages with Coach Jack podcast, Christian psychologist, author, and relationship coach, Dr. Jack Ito, will help you to build and restore your marriage. By learning just a few relationship skills, you can help your spouse enjoy your relationship more, while getting more love and affection from your spouse. Listen to Coach Jack as he helps you with one more step toward a marriage both you and your spouse will love.

On today’s episode, Coach Jack teaches a simple method that can prevent an argument and turn a bad interaction into a good one.

After listening to today’s episode, you may want to:

  • Get Coach Jack’s book, Connecting through Yes! to start building closeness through agreement.
  • If you keep talking with your spouse about problems without making progress, this podcast/article will help you to get moving forward again.
  • Work with Coach Jack to learn how to start connecting with a spouse who no longer connects with you.

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