How to Get Your Spouse to Respect You More

Respect is earned. Are you doing what is necessary to get your spouse’s respect, deal effectively with damaging behavior, and get more love?

On the Reconciling Marriages with Coach Jack podcast, Christian psychologist, author, and relationship coach, Dr. Jack Ito, will help you to build and restore your marriage. By learning just a few relationship skills, you can help your spouse enjoy your relationship more, while getting more love and affection from your spouse. Listen to Coach Jack as he helps you with one more step toward a marriage both you and your spouse will love.

On today’s podcast, Coach Jack talks about the four possible motivations for your husband’s anger. He also talks about the importance of creating a win-win solution by looking at the underlying motivation rather than taking your husband’s words at face value.

On today’s episode, Coach Jack presents a two step approach to help your spouse treat you as an equal and be more concerned about your needs and feelings. You will learn ways to guarantee respect while reducing conflict and improving your relationship.

After listening to today’s podcast, you may want to:

  1. Learn more about boundaries on Coach Jack’s website.
  2. Determine if you have a needy, dependent, or secure way of interacting with your spouse.
  3. See what Coach Jack’s coaching has to offer you for improving your marriage to a disrespectful spouse.

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