How to Stop Overthinking and Stressing Out about Your Relationship

All that thinking is probably making you feel insecure and making you have needy behaviors. Time to turn all that thinking off.

On the Reconciling Marriages with Coach Jack podcast, Christian psychologist, author, and relationship coach, Dr. Jack Ito, will help you to build and restore your marriage. By learning just a few relationship skills, you can help your spouse enjoy your relationship more, while getting more love and affection from your spouse. Listen to Coach Jack as he helps you with one more step toward a marriage both you and your spouse will love.

On today’s episode, Coach Jack will help you to get out of a cycle of overthinking your relationship¬† and behaving badly with your spouse.

After listening to today’s episode, you may want to:

  • Contact a psychologist to work directly on your anxiety overthinking.
  • Use a book to identify negative/needy behaviors that lead to a worse relationship with your spouse.
  • Learn the four keys to effective boundaries to deal with your spouse’s bad behaviors without doing more damage.
  • Work with Coach Jack to get step by step help overcoming neediness and turning your relationship around.

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